Real – Time Planet Tracking System & Trajectory Prediction (Self adjusting pan mechanism [MPU-9250]){RTPT} with Arduino and GPS


I might have to wire up my telescope with this, using my LinkIt one.



This project aims to make a system that effectively track celestial bodys (such as planets ) with a fair amount of accuracy.We will be using some algorithms along with a processing unit for the calculations and a servo mechanism to show the location of the planet physically!.The hardware used in the project is pretty much basic and simple because the primary focus of this project is on the software that is to make people understand about the algorithms and their implementations.So please bear with my “un-formatted” hardware.

Not just planet tracking you will learn some additional important things that you can implement in your other projects :

  1. Planet tracking using keplers algorithms
  2. Many co-ordinate systems and their interconversion
  3. pan-tilt programming and servo mapping (3.5 turns Servo and 180 degree Servo )
  4. MPU9250 auto-calibration programming
  5. Using Madwicks/Mahony Filter to Stablise Mpu readings.
  6. Yaw correction using P- controller with MPU9250


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