Almond+ unboxing and benchmarking


There it sits. Nothing that outstanding in looks. Nothing outstanding in sound. But it knows it’s better than what you think of it. Under the plastic case, behind the screen, is $400 worth of technology, and the realization of a dream of a few engineers who asked “why not?”


As I looked away from my new Almond+, I saw my WRT54GS and my old Almond. I fell in love with my Almond shortly after my Linksys E3000 overheated. I needed a reliable router, and there it was on Amazon with thousands of 5 star reviews. I can honestly say I am now one of those 5 star reviews. The simplicity, size and performance out of the Almond are fantastic. The screen that I initially thought was a sales gimmick became my main way of administrating my network. Its size is smaller than my cable modem, a SB6120.

Since I was able to score an early model, I decided to do an unboxing and benchmarking for anyone who might have questions as to what this thing can do.

For my test, here’s the setup:

ISP: Comcrap 100 Mbps/25 (25 or 12 Mbps, I’m not sure)

Modem: Personal SB6120 with updated firmware. DOCIS 3.0.

Testing devices: HP Elitebook 8440p with gigabit Ethernet and 5GHz N chipset, Samsung Note3, testing on N bands

Routers: WRT54GS flashed with DDWRT, Almond, Almond+. Testing was done on fastest bands available at < 3 feet.

Benchmarks were performed using’s website in IE or the native Android App. Results were as follows:

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