Why IT people continually learn


I realized something this week while at a training: IT people like to learn, they like to be challenged, regardless of how senior they are. Here’s a quote from the Movie Good Will Hunting:

Will: Beethoven, okay. He looked at a piano, and it just made sense to him. He could just play.
Skylar: So what are you saying? You play the piano?
Will: No, not a lick. I mean, I look at a piano, I see a bunch of keys, three pedals, and a box of wood. But Beethoven, Mozart, they saw it, they could just play. I couldn’t paint you a picture, I probably can’t hit the ball out of Fenway, and I can’t play the piano.
Skylar: But you can do my o-chem paper in under an hour.
Will: Right. Well, I mean when it came to stuff like that… I could always just play.

IT people can become very smart about complex subjects very quickly. This is a curse and a gift, as they can get bored quickly. This boredom is what is needed to be addressed. I have mentioned multiple times to my employers that if I become bored, I have outlets where I can learn and tinker. This has kept my sanity more times than I can count, because in the end, the work needs to happen no matter how boring it is.

IT people love a challenge, they love to love to prove themselves. Make sure you, and your IT peers are mentally challenged. You’ll find that mental challenge will pay for itself in increased productivity.