Running a Xadow OLED with an Arduino UNO



I have a number of the Xadow modules, and the one that intrigued me the most, was the breakout. It converts the pins in the Xadow ribbon to wire-able connections. I wondered if I could use this to drive Xadow modules instead of drive non-Xadow units.


Well, I have been doing some work on the Xadow OLED screen, and figured that would be a fun demo to start with. Looking at the Pinout of the wires, I determined that the voltage should be 3.3v.

Xadow_Breakout_01[1]I connected to the I2C connection in the middle, since the OLED screen was commanded over the I2C. I had 4 pins to connect. Using this diagram, I found where I needed to connect to:




V: 3.3v power

G: Ground


I used the stock Xadow OLED “Hello World” demo. Absolutely no adjustments. None. And by golly, it worked.

wpid-20150507_125413.jpgThe pin spacing on the internal connections on the breakout board were not the standard spacing, so I had to hold it. I plan to solder some wire on for a permanent Arduino to Xadow connection in the near future.

Wrap up

Thanks all for reading this. I wanted to show off that this is possible, and I hope that I can work with Seeed to make a Xadow to breadboard breakout for much easier prototyping and bridging. This also brings up the major possibility of using an Arduino for the coding, and having the Xadow units be clean hardware extensions. You would only need to switch over to the Xadow mainboards when you needed the smaller size.


5 thoughts on “Running a Xadow OLED with an Arduino UNO

    • I ran the code on an Uno, using the OLED library I cited above.

      I was using a breakout board, and no, the connection wasn’t solid when I was holding the wires. Later I soldered some headers on the sides of the breakout to allow me to put the breakout on a breadboard, then use wires to connect to the proper pins so I could use the other modules.

      What are you trying to do?


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