Seeed Studio LinkIt Core thoughts


I was directed to look at a new product from Seeed Studio, the LinkIt Core, an evolution of the LinkIt ONE. It is the essence of the ONE, but without the large layout.


Wei from Seeed says that they want to market the Core towards wearables with this and was seeking suggestions on how to finish it up so that it was a killer device. Source URL (

I have a few a direct suggestions:

  1. Don’t drop any of the connectivity options. If anything, add more.
  2. The LinkIt is not a wearable device, don’t treat it like it is. It is a powerhouse on a kiddo playground. It’s very similar to an Intel Edison, and this is a bad thing.
  3. The LinkIt ONE is popular because it’s got plenty of options and it’s cheap (for those features). Don’t forget that with the Core.
  4. Adafruit has a head start with a $20 wearable controller, the FLORA ( Seeed cannot compete the LinkIt line with that ultra cheap controller:

Continuing my thoughts on the Edison vs. Core, I want to elaborate. The Edison is very powerful and very connected. No cellular, so +1 for Seeed there. The Edison has a similar identity crisis problem of being too much for the playground. To make it useful, you have to have an expansion board. OK, so if we focus on these things for a minute, we might get somewhere. If Seeed were able to shrink the placement of the connectors, but still leave them on, they would be a step ahead of Intel. Seeed also has their Grove and Xadow connectors that I feel should come standard onboard.

Here’s my actual suggestions:

  • Shrink the pins so that they are all grouped together on a side. This should allow you to connect to a breadboard or  just have a smaller size overall.LinkIt Core_0
  • Have the antennas built in. Trade a little signal strength for being robust.
  • Have a model A/B with one having a bunch of sensors built in. This would really help in the all-in-one department:
    • 10DOF
    • Light
    • Sound
    • Temp/humidity
  • Move all the switches together and make them the same size. It would look a lot better.
  • Provide mounting holes. Users have done amazing cases for the Raspberry Pi because it was so easy to mount.
  • Provide bare wire connections for solar or DC power. The battery nice to have, so spend the little extra for the connectors to charge it easier.
  • Have an onboard LED for the status of the battery, that way it’s super easy to check on it.
  • Label the Grove connectors as clearly as you do on the Grove Shields.
  • Don’t take away any options, add to it. This is, and always should be the essence of an all in one unit.



2 thoughts on “Seeed Studio LinkIt Core thoughts

  1. Great work Sam – love the work you’re doing. I’m doing something with the LinkIT ONE as an IOT platform broadcasting GPS data to a custom built API. (Meant to solve third world problems of traffic)

    I’ve some challenges with understanding the readings from the accelerometer add-on from Grove
    Can you help me with pointers and answers to my questions in your free time?

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